Explain how domestic commitment has changed since 1500

Please choose one of the following questions, and write a response of 6–7 pages. We recommend you to write a paper with a well structured argument that is supported by course readings and lectures, with proper citations.1 You have to turn in your exam to Turnitin.com via TritonEd. We do not accept submissions through emails or physical copies.

General Instructions

You will be required to submit a digital copy of your paper to Turnitin.com on TritonEd. Please retain a copy of your submission confirmation, in case there are any technical issues with your submission. We do not accept papers submitted in hard copies or through email.

Answer one question only, 6-7 pages. Please include the title of the prompt you are responding to. The bibliography page does not count toward your page count. If you use extensive amount of footnotes, then you should write more than 7 pages. The bottom line is that you need to demonstrate a keen understanding of the course materials. Playing with format in order to write less will decrease the probability that you can demonstrate your understanding of the materials.

Please do not include pictures, charts, or figures in your responses. Please do not copy/paste lecture notes into the text of your response. Please do not simply paraphrase the lecture notes or the book. You must demonstrate a keen understanding of the course materials to receive a grade of A (94%) or higher.2

1If the quote is from a lecture, then you need to specify date of the lecture. If the quote is from a book, then you need to provide the page number. A “Works Cited” page is necessary.

2Whenever you submit an assignment, you should remember that take-home essays are not completion grades. In



Use standard formatting (points will be deducted otherwise):

• Double spacing, • 11 or 12-point font (e.g. Times, or Helvetica),3

• 1 inch margins, • No more than 1 inch of space dedicated to title and header (you only need to include your name,

and title of the prompt that you are responding to in the title/header),

• No extraneous space between paragraphs or headers.


Cite lecture and class readings where appropriate (points will be deducted otherwise):

• Include a bibliography page at the end of your paper, • Include in-text citations throughout the paper,4

• You may use any standard citation style, (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.), • Please do not use outside sources, • Extensive amount of footnotes is not encouraged,5

• Please do not copy/paste lecture notes into the text of your response. Please do not simply paraphrase the lecture notes or the book.

• Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Late Policy

• Papers received between June 14 12:01pm and June 15 12pm will be penalized by 1/3 of a letter grade (e.g. A− → B+).6

• Papers received between June 15 12:01pm and June 16 12pm will be penalized by 2/3 of a letter grade (e.g. A− → B). • Papers received between June 16 12:01pm and June 17 12pm will be penalized by a letter grade

(e.g. A− → B−).

other words, you should not expect to earn an “A+” grade on an assignment merely because you submitted a paper that does not break any obvious rules. You do not begin with 100% and lose points thereafter. Rather, by submitting a “passable” exam you will earn a “passable” grade. Better grades are reserved for the highest quality work.

3Fonts such as Courier are not allowed, because they add at least 1-2 pages to the paper due to the spacing between texts. A rule of thumb is to stick with 12pt Times New Roman.

4If you are citing a particular lecture, then you can use “(Lecture, MM/DD)” for in-text citations. 5You should expect to write more than the page requirement if you include a lot of footnotes at the cost of

delivering a coherent argument. 6For example, if you submit your final exam on June 14 at 4pm, and the paper is of A− quality, then the paper

will receive 86% after the one-day late penalty.


• According to the University policy, all grades must be final as of June 18. To ensure sufficient time for administrative duties, we can only accept and grade papers received by June 17 at noon. That is, papers not received by June 17 at 12:01pm will receive a grade of zero.

• If an emergency occurs or a University-related duty prevents you from submitting your assignment on time, you need to let staff members from the Dean’s office contact us on your behalf. We do not accept late assignments without a letter from the Dean’s office.

Regrade Policy

According to the University policy, all grades must be final as of June 18. Since the deadline of the final exam is June 14, the TAs are unable to provide regrades of the final exam due to the tight time constraint. If you believe you’ve received a grade that does not reflect the quality of your work, please contact the professor. Regrade request is not guaranteed, and if regrade is provided, the updated grade may be higher, the same, or lower than the original grade, and the updated grade will be final. If you believe you’ve received a grade based on nonacademic criteria such as discrimination, you can appeal the grade. Please read the Academic Senate policy [Regulation 502 – Grade Appeals] for more details.

Email Policy

Please send all email communication to poli142k.sp19@gmail.com . Emails sent to an individual TA will not receive a reply. This email address will be actively managed until June 17 at noon. Please contact the professor for additional questions after this