Explain organizational processes that will impact or influence decision making process

Benchmark Assignment—Importance of Teams

Resources: The five-step planning process covered in the course and the Sample Business Proposal example

Consider the following scenario:

As the manager of a busy call center for a health care organization, you note that the volume of calls has doubled over the past year. Although you do not have the budget to hire additional staff, you do have an additional $20,000 to spend on your department to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Using the Sample Proposal Template example, write a 700-word proposal.

Address the following in your proposal:

  • Explain why teams are essential      in a health care organization.
  • Explain how other industries      use teams.
    • How are they used in other       industries, such as aviation, auto racing, or the military?
    • What best practices from other       industries could be applied in the health care industry?
  • Explain strategies you will use      to create an effective team that can help you improve efficiency and      customer service in your department.
  • Explain organizational      processes that will impact or influence the decision making process to      improve efficiency and customer service.
  • Explain what resources or tools      can be offered to your staff to help with efficiency and customer service      using the additional funds available.

Cite 3 references to support your position. One reference may be the course textbook.

Format your proposal according to APA guidelines.


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For class assignments, proposals can include an APA cover page as well as a reference page if sources are used. APA

style does not provide direction for a proposal, therefore this sample is

comprised of practical elements from an APA-formatted paper as well as content that would be found in a formal internal


Using your assignment directions as a guide, consider the audience of your

proposal. Are you making a proposal to your supervisor or another leader within your organization? Or, are you writing a

proposal for a potential external client? A simple internal proposal, as modeled in

this sample, will generally be less complex and detailed than a proposal for an external customer, which may require additional research. The requirements of your specific assignment will dictate the

extent of the detail, background, and supporting data you include in your



Proposal Title

The introduction of a proposal should state the problem succinctly and indicate a

proposed plan of action. The level one heading, below, can sum the problem up in a word or two.


The next few paragraphs will outline a detailed account of the problem and will include

any pertinent details associated with the problem.


This section of the proposal will include the recommended solutions. List between three

and five possible solutions, more or less, depending on the parameters of your course assignment.


The conclusion of the proposal will indicate a plan to meet and discuss the proposal

further and a desired timeline for doing so.

What is the purpose of your proposal? A proposal should answer the following questions:

 What is the problem?

 What do you plan to do?

 What are the benefits of your plan?

 How will you implement your proposal?

 What are the next steps?

Tone matters – The tone of your proposal should convey professionalism,

positivity, and confidence. Above all, your proposal should be persuasive.



The reference page always begins on the top of the next page after the conclusion. Eliminate this

section if your proposal does not use references.