Explain the differences between chemical digestion and mechanical digestion

BIO-Mid term:

Term: 2019 Summer

Mid term test

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1. Complete the following statement: (2.5points each, 20 points)

(1) The major chemical process in the light reactions of photosynthesis involves the splitting of _____ and the release of _____.

(2)In the dark reactions of photosynthesis, _____ from the atmosphere is incorporated into organic molecules such as _____.

(3) In a neuron that is not conducting an impulse, there is an excess of _____ ions inside the cell and an excess of _____ ions just outside the cell membrane.

(4) An action potential is caused by a large number of _____ ions moving across the cell membrane toward the _____.

2.Explain the differences between chemical digestion and mechanical digestion.(10 points)

3.What kinds of food molecules can supply precursors to the Krebs cycle. (10 points)

4.Which can lead to health problems: vitamin deficiencies or vitamin megadoses? (10 points)

5. What is a limiting nutrient? What are some examples of nutrients that can be limiting for the growth of plants? How can farmers supply limiting nutrients to plants? (10 points)

6. Which of the following causes more cases of cancer: heredity, smoking, or viruses? (10 points)

7.If the toxic dose of caffeine is about 16 g for a person weighing 80 kg (about 180 pounds), how many cups of coffee, consumed at one time, would it take to realize this dose? (10 points)

8.Of the many drugs described in chapter 14, which causes the largest number of deaths from people under its influence? (10 points)

9.If a drug is described as an opiate agonist, what does that mean? (10 points)