explain the meaning of Isaiah 13:1-22

This is to be an essay of no more than 1,000 words. In one paragraph, explain the meaning of Isaiah 13:1-22. Then in the remaining space, list as many implications of this passage as you can. Make sure to review what Stein means by “meaning” and “implications” because these are the definitions we will use for this assignment.

You may use commentaries or other Bible helps in completing this assignment. But make sure to evaluate what you read in commentaries with your common sense and the rules we have learned in this class. Just because it’s in a published commentary doesn’t make it correct. The best way to complete this assignment is to use Bible helps minimally, if you need them, to determine the meaning. Then use your mind to come up with implications. You may not copy and paste from any source without citing it. Neither may you slightly rephrase a source while maintaining its ideas without citing it. Both of those acts will be regarded as plagiarism.

You don’t need to elaborate a great deal on each implication. Just state it and move on to the next implication. The more implications you have, the better. You’ll be graded on (a) Grammar and style; (b) Proper use of Stein’s terms; (c) Explanation of the meaning; and (d) Validity and number of implications listed.