Explain The Principal Incentives For The Implementation Of The Atlantic Slave Trade

Explain the principal incentives for the implementation of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Identify the major factors associated with the trade’s beginning stages. Refer back to the Portuguese exploration of Africa (John Reader, Chapter 31) and subsequent activity. Also include in your answer some of the reasons for involvement of indigenous Africans.
2.Explain how the Atlantic Slave Trade transformed the economic, political, and social patterns of indigenous African communities.
3.The aftermath of the Atlantic Slave Trade included the commercialization of African economies and the solidification of European colonization and colonialism. Describe this commercialization and its subsequent effects.
4.Briefly discuss the early abolition movement. Identify the following: issues of supporters and dissenters; American and European attitudes and positions; the involvement of indigenous Africans; the establishment of free colonies.
5.During this period, South Africa experienced migration of Europeans who became permanent settlers. This migration presented various conflicts (for example, over land use, social, and economic issues). Identify these settlers, describe the reasons and conditions of their migration, and explain the developing conflicts. Be sure to include outcomes.
6.Describe the development, causation, and construction of the South African apartheid system. Identify the positions, ideas, and activities of the key groups, individuals, and countries.
Answer each question completely in a carefully prepared essay of 200-400 words (one to two typed, double-spaced pages). Do not merely copy sentences or paragraphs from your reading; instead, give your own analysis and, when necessary, refer to passages you have read. When you do quote or paraphrase a passage, be sure to acknowledge the source