factors contributing to workplace stress and violence

Write a paper (1,250-1,500 words) that analyzes factors contributing to workplace stress and violence. Include the following in your analysis:

  1. A description of factors contributing to employee      stress in the workplace.
  2. A description of factors contributing to violence in      the workplace.
  3. A description of the legal and ethical obligations of      employers to mitigate stress and violence in the workplace.
  4. Referring to the job you created in the Topic 2      assignment, what would you suggest your employee does to address the issue      of stress in the workplace?



Creating New Position

Roxanne Joseph

PSY 836 – Principles of Personnel and Human Resources Management

Grand Canyon University

May 22, 2019

Program Analyst position Internal Operations Manager Data Analyst Program Manager Communications Manager Human Resources Manager Introduction. The process of creating a new job in an organization involves a series of operations. The Human Resource department is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and laying across some of the crucial components that constitute a well-structured job description. This paper, with the aid of a concept map, identifies and describes a new position created for the midsize company. The article also discusses a new position and its reasons for creation with the aid of a concept map as well as the legal frameworks surrounding it. Program Analyst Position. Program Analyst position is an organizational position that creates an alternative way of preventing, identifying, and resolving any form of conflict that may come along the company’s employees. Conflict is one of the challenges that every organization deal with in reality at the workplace. This position provides the company to all the employees to use in conflict resolution. A program analyst central role is to provide the organization with ample and expertise workplace conflict management. The new position holder will play the role of an unbiased entity in an interest-based debate for the workers who conflict. The incumbent works in collaboration with all management levels to introduce initiatives and ingenuities that will create and sustain better communication for these workers in their routine practices and advance the degree of competence of the workforce in the departments. Such efforts consequentially improve interpersonal conflict resolution capacities. To achieve this, a conflict management program is set across annually to enable the subordinates of the organization with essential tools and methodologies for promoting interpersonal skills. The incumbent will undertake various workplace analyses that are grounded on data collection and using both the qualitative and quantitative methods in the process. He or she later analyses the information and provides a feasible recommendation to the senior level management on how to raise, communicate, and resolve issues that crop in the organization at peer to peer and hierarchal levels. Job satisfaction, organizational commitment, as well as turnover propensities directly correlate with direct involvement in the resolution of interpersonal conflicts. (Frone, 2000). This incumbent will be tasked with the duty of planning and coordination employee development initiative and open avenues for communication as well as manage conflicts. Reducing conflict allows room for screening workforce to focus on their organizational roles and duties at the workplace. The program analyst will also help with program evaluation to ensure the programmatic goals of the company are documented as well as assure adherence to the program study protocols that are essentials in data validation and quality control checks.