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Terence and the Furniture Factory

Here is the great quote from my favorite book “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”: “I do not miss childhood, but I miss the way I took pleasure in small things, even as greater things crumbled. I could not control the world I was in, could not walk away from things or people or moments that hurt, but I took joy in the things that made me happy.” (Neil Gaiman) He told me that childhood can provide a unique feeling and memory that cannot be obtained when you become an adult. He made me curious about my childhood. To me, my father’s furniture factory where I grew up is representing all my childhood. The factory that has nearly 50 workers, and consists of four main parts. The manufacturing room is the largest room, and I used to develop my creativity and imagination by building my own chair and desk with my dad. The sewing room is the place where my mother usually works. Sewing the clothes and leathers with my mother is the most precious memories for me. I live with my family in the house which is inside the factory. The vacant area behind the house is always showing in my memory. Watching ants and catching cricket on the grass in that vacant area, this place makes up my essential part of my whole life. As a child, I thought this factory was my world. As my center of the world, the factory is not a hustle, bustle and hectic place. What took place in this factory connects me and my parents reflect the happiness of my childhood and provide self-reflection. I think everyone should go back to the childhood place which gives them indelible, ingrained, and entrenched feelings.

First of all, this factory provided me an unforgettable experience that connecting me to my parents. When I was a child, I grew up in this huge factory since I was ten years old. Every morning, my father and I go to the workshop, and he usually draws different parts of the structure of furniture first. After that, he operates the big machine and cut the wood in different shapes. I can only watch from a long distance because the instrument is very sharp and fast. He brings all of the different shapes of the block and walks in front of me, start teaching me how to put pieces of different shapes together. With his help, I knew how to make my small chair and table. I like walking behind my dad because he can teach me lots of wood knowledge and cultures. He not only improved my ability to build things but also gave me a wonderful childhood.

Although my mother treated me harshly when I was young, I am grateful for letting me grow up a lot and understand a lot of truth. My mother has been strict on me since I was young. She likes to supervise everything for me, and she often talks about little things in my life. She like took me to the sewing room, and teach me how to sew the cloth and leather. I was very impatient and couldn’t calm down to do sewing because sewing the clothes and leathers usually take very a long time and attention. It is impossible to let me completely come down and focus on small detail things. My mother discovered this very early, and she try to change my personality becomes less impetuous. She starts to chat with me when I want to stop the sewing, and she wants to change my attention so I can spend more time on what I am doing. By have a small chat with her, I start to release my own weaknesses. She told me that every time when I cannot clam down and do a long time work, I cut the work separately and divide it into different small jobs. I appreciate my mom told me about the way how I can get over my weakness, this really helps me in the future. This sewing room is not just sewed the clothes, and I also sewed all the memories with my mom.

Apart from providing a warm and sweet family connection, this factory also serves as a place where I can find happiness and understand the nature of the world. In summer, whenever everyone lives in a nap after lunch, I go to the vacant area behind the house where my two good friends live, ants and crickets. I really like to observe how ants live and deliver food to them. I try to feed the ants different food every day and watch which foods they are interested in. Also, I start to put the different size of the good and see how their delivery the food to the nest. It really helps me to understand the ant’s culture. After observing the ants, I will go find my crickets friend. The crickets have a small body but can give out a loud sound. It seems like he wants to play hide and seek with me. I will look for the voice and catch them. Comparing play the video and computer game now, observing ants and catching the crickets can give me a haunting, unforgettable and memorable childhood. It lets me living in rural life and blend into nature.

Aside from having the functions mentioned above, the factory is also where I can express my emotions and think deeply about self-reflection. I really like to lie in the night, on the top where wood is stacked. Since I have enrolled in the school, it has played an important role in providing a quiet environment for me to think about my mistakes and dreams. Whenever I do something wrong or feel sad, I will jump on the top of the wood and shouted out, release all the sadness in my heart. It creates a relaxing and hollow atmosphere for me. Thus, such an environment allows me to express all my negative emotions. It allows me to thinks back to questions or mistakes as a positive attitude, that brings positive energy to my friends and myself. Also, it is a wonderful environment for me to do the self-reflection. Quite and wide atmosphere allows me to calm down and think broadly. Mostly, I will spend hours sitting on the wood, starting reviewing all the details about my mistakes. By reviewing the mistakes, I can conclude the problems that I have and how should I overcome it. The time I spend on expressing my emotions and self-reflecting has brought me positive energy and think deeply and broadly.

I believe it is beneficial for every child to find his/her own “factory” that allows one to have a wonderful and meaningful childhood. The impact of childhood on a person is of paramount importance. Personality shaping begins in childhood, and what happens in childhood will subtly affect a person’s personality. In childhood, the influence of parents is the largest. Have a close connection with parents can greatly enhance children’s self-confidence. A good education from parents can help children treat their curiosity and develop the ability to solve problems which includes patience for persistence and resilience to difficulties. Also, the Spanish daily newspaper “La Vanguardia” was reporting that Natural contact is beneficial to children’s cognitive development, and it can also stimulate creativity and risk management, improve their emotional state, and enable them to cope with possible psychological problems. Contacting with nature is important to our psychological balance and health. What’s more? Childhood is a critical period for thinking development and also is a critical period for developing behavioral habits. Children are like a blank piece of paper, they are very malleable and curious and they don’t understand anything. They always listen to the adults around them. So it is very easy to develop good habits in childhood. Compare to train a new and good habit in adulthood, people in childhood are easier to accomplish. When the children start to become teenagers, most of them will have the Rebellious psychology that does not listen to persuasion from parents. When the teenage start to become an adult, they have too many jobs and work need to do, and no time to develop the habits. So childhood is the best period of time to foster good habits, it will benefit the whole life.

In conclusion, my father’s factory has been one of the most valuable places for me throughout my life. By making chairs and desks with father and sewing clothes with my mother, I can have a deep relationship with my family; By watching the ants and catching the cricket in the vacant area, I can feel the nature and understand the culture of the insect; By lying on the top of the wood and reflecting the mistakes, I can have a great habit which can benefit my entire life. Finally, a lucky person’s lifetime is cured by childhood, while an unlucky person’s lifetime is spent curing childhood. I hope everyone can be cured by childhood.

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