help with communication assignment

A successful journal entry will:

-Be three to five pages in length. Write more rather than less. Dig into the content and engage in deep thinking.

-Answer all the sub-questions and/or activities included within the prompt question.

-Utilize course content – concepts and theories. Use bold type for the terms. Define the term in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the meaning. This definition should be placed within ( ). Focus on using a minimum of three to five terms per entry.

-Provide specific examples of your own communication. Develop these examples with sufficient detail to make them vivid and concrete.

-Include the specific question/activity on the top of each entry.

-If an activity (in the textbook) is to be completed, include all your answers for that activity in your journal.

-If questions are included with an activity, be sure to write a thoughtful and developed reflection from the question prompts.

Ch#6 Observe and Analyze p.169. The relationship you analyze does not have to be a romantic relationship: it can be a relationship with a parent, sibling, friend, coach… Be sure to identify, apply, and define course content in your reflection. Consider applying a theory: Interpersonal Needs Theory, Social Exchange Theory, Relational Dialectics, or Johari Window.

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