help with disscusion questions

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part 1:

Our course reading this week discusses the use of electromagnetic signals to transmit digital data, i.e. wireless and mobile networking and communications.

Certain parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are heavily regulated by governments and international agreements. Why do some frequencies require licensing, and some frequencies do not? Can you give examples of both cases?

part 2

You have just been hired as a consultant by an eCommerce Chocolate Company to help find a third party vendor to complete a vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Research 2-3 vendors and discuss the services they perform and estimated costs of those services. Don’t be afraid to actually reach out to the company, many are more than happy to help out students. (200 words)

part 3

  1. What is a vulnerability assessment and why do we do it?
  2. Beyond finding vulnerabilities in a system, what other purposes can a vulnerability assessment fill? What else can they do?
  3. Your company has just decided to take advantage of an external cloud provider for new application needs. Would you ask for a vulnerability assessment of the external cloud systems? Why or why not?
  4. Research and discuss the Nessus tool. What functions would you think are the most useful? Why?
  5. Why do we do port scans? What port scan results would cause an auditor to be concerned?