his 200 part a discussion and part b reply to two post below separately

Part A::: Write a discussion for the topic(the topic that I choose is attached) .

Share the topic you have chosen for the projects in this course with your classmates. Briefly describe the historical event you have chosen to analyze as well as the research question you will attempt to answer in your essay.

  • Consider your webtext reading about Québécois immigration(attached). If you were researching this topic, what else would you like to know about the experience of the Québécois immigrants in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1870 that might not be covered in this piece?

Part B::: Respond to your peers by describing what you would like to learn about their selected topics. Explain what questions you have about the topic and consider what additional information would you need in order to understand the historical context.

Post 1: The historical event that I chose to research is the potato famine. This one is very special to me because I am Irish American and my entire mother’s side lives in Ireland. I never researched this event but know it is an important one in Irish history. The potato famine was especially important because it went on for 7 years and despite any mass relief efforts, ended due to the crop coming back to life. So my main question is what efforts, if any, were taken to move on from this crop or to bring it back to life. I would also like to look at if there is a possibility of this ever happening again.

Quebecois immigrants gravitated to working in mills despite the previous employees being on strike. Something not included in the article that I would have liked to know more about would be how these immigrants gravitated towards new skills and what other jobs did they get hired for. Knowing about these immigrants work background would have also been helpful.

Post 2: The historical event I have chosen to analyze for this class is the Louisiana Purchase and how beneficial it was to gain access to the Mississippi River’s waterways and port cities in addition to westward expansion. Question: In what other ways did purchasing the Louisiana territory benefit America?

“The economic and demographic factors which pushed Québécois out of Quebec were complemented by similar factors which favored their settlement in New England. Southern New England was by 1865 experiencing rapid economic growth. Industrialization, well underway by the 1860s, created a stiff demand for workers in the textile and boot and shoe industries. Laborers were also needed in building construction and in canal and railroad work.” (Early, F.H 1977.)

This passage explains the factors which helped the Quebecers create a living in the New England state, had the economic and demographic factors not been in their favor they would have struggled just as in Quebec. I would want to know if these factors had not been in place would the Quebecers have gone back home to Quebec or expanded further south?