hist 2702 the british empire research proposal paper 4 pages single spaced mau mau uprising in kenya

Please read the instructions very carefully from the file titled “2702 research proposal paper,” and follow the instructions accordingly. The paper should be 3-4 pages single spaced (or 7-8 pages double spaced), and the citations must follow the instructions from the “Turabian2009” file attached below. You may only used the approved sources attached for citations ( I can’t attach them all here so I will upload the rest when the bid is accepted). The paper is meant to be a research PROPOSAL paper, meaning that the paper should analyze the sources and answer the following questions: 1. Can you find enough documentation in the archives available to write a good historical paper on the topic? 2. Of the sources included, what do they reveal about the topic? 3. What aspect of the event or issue (Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya is chosen topic) are not covered by these databases? 4. How has this issue resonated in Modern British society and/ or the place under discussion (Kenya)? *** I need this by Monday at 12pm EST (March 23rd, 2020) at the latest, and will pay a LARGE amount for a good essay!!!! *** $$$

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