history of the written word research paper

Write a Research Paper on the Written Word. Go back as far as you can. When did writing start? How has it evolved? Where is it headed?

Many students do a great job documenting the early stages of written communication and then completely leave out the last few hundred years and where they think things are headed. Please remember to include that part too!

Don’t forget a Works Cited page in MLA format.

One final piece of advice: Remember, this paper is on the Written Word, not Language(s). Including information on the spoken word isn’t relevant. This paper should be about how ideas are documented and shared in a visual format.

At the end of your assignment, skip a few lines and assign yourself a grade. Why do you think that you’ve earned that grade? Is there a part of your assignment which could be improved?

Grading criteria

This paper will be graded according to the following rubric. Make certain to include all elements of the requirements in the paper.

Visual Appeal

Organization of information.


Writing never strays to unrelated material such as language development.


Paper covers all major innovations of written communication.


Paper contains more than just talking points and adequately covers the items presented.

Grammar; Spelling; Usage

No typos or errors.

Works Cited

Works cited is formatted properly.

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