How do you spot the gifts inside your team—like courage, intellect and heart?

SMGT 622

Self-Assessment Assignment Instructions

Answer the 5 questions below.

In reality, Frank Baum’s story The Wizard of Oz was a commentary on the economic and political times at the turn of the 20th century. The scarecrow represented the farmers, who were perceived as folks without a brain; the tin man represented industry, which didn’t seem to have any heart; the cowardly lion symbolized William Jennings Bryan, whom Baum felt lacked the courage to stand up to the wrongs in Washington, D.C. The wizard was the federal government—who didn’t really have the answers everyone sought. And Dorothy represented the average American who showed her friends they actually had what it took to reach their dreams.1 Leadership resides in each of us.

Take a moment and evaluate how you model Dorothy’s Way.

1. How do you spot the gifts inside your team—like courage, intellect and heart?

2. How do you listen to and seek wisdom from your team and from outsiders?

3. How do you coach and empower your team members?

4. How do you display courage and resolve to reach your goals?

5. How do you serve your team members?

Your assignment must be completed based on the following criteria:

· Minimum of 2 full pages

· Current APA format

· Since this is a reflection paper, no references are required. However, you are expected to properly cite information using current APA format where appropriate.

· Discussion about the holistic role of the athlete form a biblical worldview

· Clear biblical integration – do more than just include a Bible verse

· Include a title on the top line of the first page, followed by your name. No other identifying information is needed.

· You must include the reference information for any sources in current APA format on a separate page.

Due Friday June 14, 2019