. How would you select your sample from the selected population?

. How would you select your sample from the selected population? 

Concerning the potential research project, a valid research question might be designed which could require a qualitative research approach. The appropriate research question would be, what is the influence of the medical practitioners’ errors on the patient readmission in the United States? The above question relates to the individual’s potential research project. In answering the above-proposed research question, the best qualitative method to use would be focus group discussions, (White, 2017). The reason for the choice of this method is that the research is only aimed at the health practitioners and the patients. Therefore, the two groups will be the point of focus; hence, the method is appropriate. The major strengths of this method are that it allows an in-depth examination and conversation about the topic. The other strength is that the researcher has an opportunity of clarifying or explaining the question for better responses. The other strength is that it allows greater participation by the respondents. The weakness of the method is that as the data is highly qualitative, it may not be necessarily generalized to the population.

The practice issue which would benefit from the utilization of a mixed methods approach is that the integration allows a more synergistic and complete utilization of the data than it would be the case if a single method were used for the collection of data and analysis. The approach is also beneficial when the concepts are new and are not understood well. The approach might also be helpful when the findings from a given approach might be better understood by examining the second source of the data (Creswell, 2011). The qualitative and quantitative data might complement each other in the sense that at times, the quantitative results might be hard to interpret and, in the process, the qualitative data might assist in understanding the results. In the process, strength is added to the research by creating an increased understanding of the research. When using the mixed methods approach, several challenges might be encountered. One of the problems is that there are a feeling that quantitative and qualitative approaches belong to different and incompatible paradigms. The other challenge is that combining the two methods may be time-consuming and may require skills and experience.


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