HW-522: Family Analysis Project Part 4: Socialization

MHW-522: Family Analysis Project Part 4: Socialization


In Part 2 of the Family Analysis Project, you selected one of the life stages. For this assignment, you will use that selected life stage to analyze the overall impact of socialization on your selected life stage. Next, you will look at the challenges of Young Adulthood.

Cite 2-4 scholarly sources to support your answers.

Analyze the selected life stage by addressing the following prompts:

The Impact of Socialization
In regards to your selected life stage, explain the most recent changes in the following categories in regard to socialization: (50-75 words each)
Making Friends:
Maintaining Friendships:
Family Interactions:
Gender Roles:

Next, analyze the unique challenges of Young Adulthood. Citing 2-4 sources, explain your answers to the following prompts:

Young Adulthood
Describe how the current young adult life cycle stage has changed from past generations. (100-150 words)
Explain the potential causes for these changes. (100-150 words)
List the developmental tasks of Young Adulthood:
Next, explain the developmental tasks of young adulthood in regards to the following categories: (50-75 words each)
Work Tasks:
Relationship Tasks:
Affective and Social Development:
Explain the unique challenges single adults face today in regards to the following: (75-100 words each)
Friendships/Peer Groups:
Explain the social implications of marriage for young adults. (150-200 words)


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