I attached the response of the classmates for youtube link below, just watch the youtube link then u can comment for it.

I attached the response of the classmates for youtube link below, just watch the youtube link then u can comment for it.

Write 4 responses ( one response for each person I mentioned below)

Alyssa LaMaina

1. The type of law that the business in the video was trying to change was statutory. Statutory law is a legislative act declaring or commanding, or prohibiting something. In this case, the state of Minnesota was prohibiting Omar from selling glasses of beer at his brewery(Textbook pg 7; para 3). Omar brought together a team to help him fight to pass the bill to let him distribute glasses of his own beer at his brewery in Minnesota. His brand was called Surely Brewing and he stated the equipment to make this beer costs tons of money so selling individual glasses of beer would help his company. This case would be statutory law because it is effected by a state law by an open forum. Statutory law includes legislative acts. Both congress and state legislatures enact statutory law.

2. The law impacts the business in the news story because Omar wants to expand his business and sell glasses of beer inside his brewery for money. He went to the court system to plead a case and the court eventually ruled in his favor to sell glasses of beer that he could make a profit off of.

3. An example of the way statutory laws are relevant to my life today would be traffic laws and citations. For example, I was speeding while driving and I was pulled over by the state police and given a ticket for speeding. The traffic laws from the state of Pennsylvania were used against me in this situation. The speeding ticket that was given to me was also much higher than a usual speeding ticket because I was pulled over by a state officer (Textbook pg 7; para 3). This is an example of a traffic law enforced by the state and government.

Aimee Holtz

1. The business was trying to change statutory law. The State Representative Jennifer Loon specifically states that the business was trying to make a minor change to the liquor statutes within Minnesota. The statues in place reflect ideas from the times of prohibition not present day. As stated in the textbook, statutory law includes legislative acts which can prohibit something (Twomey et al., 7). In this case, the statutes are prohibiting the sale of beer within the manufacturing facility. 2. In the news story, the law prohibited the manufacturer from selling its own beer within its manufacturing facility. It was only able to sell through other distributors such as restaurants, bars, and other outlets. In present times, the law restricts the business from selling directly to its customers. Because of this, the business could not grow. The business owner was not able to enact his ideas on how he wanted to grow his business and was faced with a decision. He could either fight the law or stop growing his business.

3. Laws affect every aspect of life at all times even if we do not realize it. Private laws are especially present in my work life. As stated in the textbook, private law refers to the rules and regulations people agree to as part of a contractual relationship (Twomey et al.,7) My family owns a business and to ensure that everything funs smoothly there are certain private laws in place. For instance, key employees have to respect the no compete law, which says you cannot take inside information to a competitor in order to hurt our business. All employees are also expected to follow rules in terms of how they act when speaking to customers or presenting themselves as a face of the business.

Jessica Marks

1. The business was trying to change common law. Common law is indicated because the state was prohibiting the sale of beer at a production brewery and the business had the community help them out and write to their legislators to get the bill signed. The common law is defined as “the body of unwritten principles originally based upon the usages and customs of the community that were recognized and enforced by the courts” (Textbook p. 8). The rules of the common law are sometimes repealed or redeclared just like in the news story. (Textbook p. 8, para. 2)

2. The law does not allow the brewery to sell beer where it is produced. By changing the law, it allowed the business to grow and impacted the success of the small business. It opened up new jobs for people. It also set other small businesses up for success.

3. The law impacts my life because it shows that in our community we can fight for things we want to see happen in our state/country. It could impact me because if I started my own company, I could do everything to make my business successful without going against the law.

Savanah Holcomb

1. I would say that the business is indicating a change in an administrative law. I say this because the issue at hand is a regulation that is put in place to protect those within the environment. They also mention that “what he was seeking was a very minor change, in my opinion to kind of our liquor statutes in the State of Minnesota”. This directly shows that they are trying to create a change in the way the Minnesota government handles the forces associated with statues (Section 1-2c, para. 1).

2. The law impacts the business because the state and federal administrative agencies create these rules that you cannot sell someone a beer in a production brewery (Section 1-2c, para 1). What this company wants to do is just that. In order for the law at hand to be changed they had to really encourage the people of Minnesota because their help and support is what would drive the state and federal administrative agencies to make the change.

3. The law does not truly impact my personal life, but it has affected a close friend of mines life. She is trying to run her own business but to protect herself she has to make sure she is paying taxes and has her business license instead of just working and keeping all her money to herself.https://courses.mc3.edu/webapps/discussionboard/do/message?action=list_messages&course_id=_133825_1&nav=discussion_board_entry&conf_id=_141843_1&forum_id=_212431_1&message_id=_5402681_