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This week, your first writing assignment is due. This two-page paper covers the concepts of the course up until that now. You should utilize a newspaper, news magazine or reputable online source that deals with a key macroeconomic variable (GDP, prices and inflation, unemployment, or productivity, etc.).

Your paper must: (1) Define the variable explaining why economists utilize that measurement, (2) Summarize the article you are referencing and (3) Examine how the article uses the variable and comment if the article provides meaningful information about the economy.

All written papers need to be submitted as .rtf or .doc or .docx files; these are uploaded into canvas. If you run a Mac or WordPerfect, please “save as” your submission in one of these formats.

The content of the papers and proper use of grammar and spelling are important and impact your grade. In the papers you need to demonstrate that you understand the concepts in your own words. The rubrics used for papers is found at the end of each assignment (which uses the standard Avila Advantage Written Assignments rubric). Here are those three assignments in a nutshell.

General Guidelines:

  1. Papers should be typed, size 12 font, double-spaced, with 1” margins.
  2. Page limits vary by assignment, but title and reference pages are not included in page length.
  3. Papers will be graded using the “Evaluation of Written Assignments.”
  4. All papers should list references and conform to the APA format.

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