I need the body paragraphs for my critical thinking and ethics paper about the environmental issues in the Everglades

I need the body paragraphs for my critical thinking and ethics paper about the environmental issues in the Everglades. I would provide the introduction and some references. The professor wants me to emphasize why this is an ethical issue, and she wants me to be explicit. 

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Martha Bozzi

Professor Sarah Jacob

PHI 2604 Critical Thinking Ethics

5 December 2018

Environmental Degradation In The Everglades

The Everglades National Park is a very important natural resource in the United States and it has often attracted attention as the most threatened park in the nation. The park is quite significant since it facilitates the protection of the original Everglades in the state of Florida. In contemporary society, environmental issues continue to plague natural features leading to their depletion or extinction. This paper seeks to provide a framework to understand about the environmental factors that are affecting the Everglades touching on the impact of development, nutrient pollution, invasive species and the rise in sea level on the state of the Everglades. The paper will show that as the 20th century progressed, early conservationists initiated a dredging project in Everglades with the notion that this was a progressive and smart strategy. It will also explore the ecological issues the Everglades has been facing with sustaining fauna and flora life in the region due to the contamination of the environment with farm chemicals. Additionally, it will consider the threat of invasive species that affect the Everglades (Evergladesfoundation.org). Finally, the paper will reflect on the impact of the rising of sea level due to changes in climate and how this affects the natural and developed areas of the Everglades (Duxbury et al 321). Conclusively, these issues are detrimental to the Everglade’s ecosystem and signify the importance of protecting the region from further environmental degradation by initiating eco-friendly strategies and policies.

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