i want someone to write a 3 short answers each at least 150 words

Reading book: Never Let Me Go by KAZUO ISHIGURO. Chpts 1-6—no spoilers

Respond to at least 3 of the following threads w/ posts of a minimum 150 words each. Try to keep your responses focused: aim for a single point, which you expand on and illustrate with moments in the text. If you know this work or have read ahead, please confine your discussion to what we’ve read for this section, Chpts 1-6—no spoilers


1) There is no apparent racial or ethnic diversity among the characters. In contrast with the author, note that all the names seem to be fairly common names for English speakers. What do you make of this? Tie your response in to the setting of the story.

2) What do you make of the rumors about the woods? Why might these stories have been spread?

3) Do you agree with Ruth that Madame is afraid of the students? What might be behind her behavior?

4) Creativity, expressed by one or another art form, is highly prized. Why do you think this is? What might be the purpose of the Gallery?

5) Much attention is paid to acquiring personal possessions. Why do you think this is so important?

6) Students at Hailsham are being prepared for something. What might it be? What clues are there concerning this?

7) Pick one character to analyze. Discuss personality. What does the character want, need, fear? (You may, if you want, post more than one answer to this question, providing you examine different characters.)

8) How would you describe the point of view in the novel? Who is the narrator and at what stage in life? To whom does the narrator seem to be speaking? How do these choices impact the novel and you as reader?

9) Miss Lucy

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