Identify an event or an issue related to ethnic or race relations

Writing Assignment #2 – Short Essay Using Key Terminology maps to the following learning outcomes (course objectives):

·  apply key terminology appropriately to communicate effectively about ethnic and racial issues

·  use sociological tools, theories, and terminology to critically evaluate ethnic and racial issues

The purpose of this exercise is to get you to describe and analyze a particular issue or event in race relations, using terminology specific to the subject matter.

You should:

· Identify an event or an issue related to ethnic or race relations (see Selecting Material below).

· Recount (describe or analyze) the event or issue, using relevant terminology (see Organizing Your Paper below).

· Maximum of 4 pages (double spaced; 12 point font)

Selecting Material and Organizing Your Paper for this Assignment

· For this exercise, you are expected to use a library database particularly, a database dealing with race and ethnicity-related material. Newspaper or magazine articles, news items from web sources, and race-related incidents from the past are acceptable for this assignment.

· Select the article.

· Recount (describe and analyze) the related events in your own words, using terminology that you have learned in this course.

· Your paper should include:

1. an introduction

2. other relevant subheadings

3. a conclusion

Your references section should include the complete information for your article. If it is a web resource, make sure you include the date you visited the website. Be sure to highlight the terminology you incorporate into your assignment. Do not exceed 4 double-spaced pages (12 point font, normal margins)