In 3–5 paragraphs, analyze the risks identified. Answer the following questions:

Assignment 1: Discussion—Workplace Safety

Whether the workplace is a construction site, a factory, or an office, it has its own inherent risks, which should be identified and controlled. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations are designed to help employers protect their employees and help employees hold their employers accountable for work conditions.

Workers’ compensation insurance includes and supports employee health, ensuring that employees get appropriate healthcare if an accident occurs at the workplace. Employers are not obligated to provide workers’ compensation coverage but can be held financially responsible in the event of injury or death. Employers who choose not to carry workers’ compensation can be sued for lost wages and medical care by an injured employee. Workers’ compensation laws vary by state.

In this assignment, you will analyze laws related to health and safety arrangements in the workplace.


Look around your work environment or select one to observe. Identify at least two health or safety risks to the employees. The risks may be physical (such as improperly stacked boxes) or environmental (such as mold in air ducts).

In 3–5 paragraphs, analyze the risks identified. Answer the following questions:

  • Which sections of OSHA regulations are being violated?
  • What are the possible methods of resolving such issues?
  • Does the employer carry workers’ compensation in the event of an injury, illness, or death? What workers’ compensation laws is the employer subject to in your state?

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