in need of a 125 response discussion to each of the following forum posts there are 2 different forum posts agreement disagreement and or continuing the discussion original forums discussion topic post is as follows use cite references to support 1

In need of a 125 response/discussion to EACH of the following forum posts. There are (2) different Forum posts. Agreement/disagreement/and/or continuing the discussion. Original forums discussion/topic post is as follows: (Use/Cite references to support your ideas)


Hello Class,

We finally get to talk about the topics that I like to discuss with fellow coworkers and friends all the time. Today’s jobs have increasingly changed in the last few decades when new generations are growing or emerging in the workplace. Such new generations will be followed by new ideas, talents, imagination and, above all, new technologies which will support those new generations in the workplace. I think the nature of the work has also shifted. Today workers may be assigned to conduct numerous duties in various fields, while former employees may have earned one assignment.
The “nine to five” routine no longer controls the entire workforce. New technologies have modified this by encouraging employees to work from almost everywhere because employees have no other access to a computer before they can sit at a cubicle workplace. New technology has also dramatically improved connectivity. Research can now be done in a fraction of the time thanks to quicker connectivity as before. New technologies have also been used in recent years to replace workers. Robotic machines have been used to perform tasks traditionally done only by humans. That is why I believe that people have improved by handling computer systems rather than staff.
I assume that outsourcing in the near future will be rising at a rapid pace. As company diversifies, outsourcing becomes an important step towards its growth. Companies now have much more moving parts than before and would probably have to outsource those functions. If an organization isn’t overburdened, it could result in slower growth or loss.

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Hello class,

I will be giving my views on the topic at hand and what I have discovered in my research and experience.

The workforce in today’s business world is ever changing, and it has been changing more rapidly than it has in the past. This is due to an increase in technology and the sharing of information. Today’s people are much more informed than those that came before. But, even though we may have the ability to be informed many do not take advantage of that in our world today, but that is another topic. A lot of today’s work is automated. Many jobs have been lost due to an increase in technology which allows for companies to create automated machines to do the work far “better” and with much less cost to them. Just go to any local Walmart and good luck finding more than 5 cashiers open even though they have like 20 or more cashier lanes. But, the self checkout lanes are always open and usually operating just fine. Much less labor jobs are available and that can seem like a good thing, but there are many that are put out of work when this happens. The goal is the find new jobs for those people that their skills no longer apply. This is something that the market and business must always address and even more so recently. Technology plays such a huge role in how we shape our lives. It always has. You can look back into history and see how the better out technology gets the industries around us change and alter. Outsourcing is another place where jobs are lost. Many companies outsource all the menial labor tasks to other countries where the workers there will work for far less. This can be a negative and a positive, but I think mostly this looks bad in the public eye. From a business point of view this is definitely good. I would say its not necessarily negative as long as those companies utilize the money they are saving with less labor costs to benefit their employees or even the market and country as a whole. More often than not though we see these companies just horde the money and this is where the negativity can take its spin.

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