individual article critique

This is your midterm project!

In order to gain exposure to scholarly research in research methods, students will submit a brief article critique in memo format (2 to 3 pages, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, single-spaced, 1-inch margins). Your review will be based on the first letter of your last name. In addition to the memo, you’ll need to “present” your critique via 2-minute video that explains how you would IMPROVE or CHANGE the article or what ADDITIONAL information you would like to see in the article or WHAT would be different is the research was conducted today in 2020.

Students should follow this outline and include the following sub-headings in the memo. These sub-headings are: Thesis, Methods, Evidence of Thesis Support, Contribution to the Literature, and Recommendation and Implications.

Your first task will be to find and clearly state the thesis of the article. The thesis is the main point the article is trying to make. Second, in terms of methods, please consider the following questions: what methods did the author use to investigate the topic? Were the appropriate methods used? Did the approach make sense to you? Could the study be replicated based on the author’s explanation? In the evidence section, you will consider where or not the study results support the thesis? Please consider: what evidence the author used. What are the strengths of the evidence presented? What are the weaknesses of the evidence presented? On balance, how well did the author support the thesis? For the section on the contribution to the literature, please include your personal knowledge based on your work/volunteer experiences and the class readings. You may need to consult additional, outside sources to complete each critique. Finally, for the section on recommendations and implications, please consider how social demographics in the population (including aging, socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity, and language) change the way we govern and how to identify policies to accommodate these changes. What are the policy implications of the research? What public policy exists to address and remedy the research problem? Are the current policies sufficient to address the major problem identified?

Be sure to review the sample document for this assignment.

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