Internet Law, Social media, Privacy, Defamation

Discussion 1:

Please share what your most significant take away was from the below topics, and why.


-Internet Law, Social media, Privacy, Defamation 

-Criminal Law and Cyber Crime: Civil Law v. Criminal Law, Types of Crime, Defenses to Criminal Liability

-Contracts, Traditional and E-Contracts, Consideration, Capacity, and Legality

Considering the broad variety of topics discussed, from Internet law, to criminal law and cyber-crime, to contract law–what was the most valuable thing you learned.

Discussion 2:

A significant amount of material involving contracts are covered in the below given topics:

-Defenses to Contract Enforceability, Third Party Rights and Discharge, Breach of Contract and Remedies

-Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts, Performance and Breach of Sales

Please share what you found to be the most relevant topic(s) related to contract law, and how you plan to use this information in doing business.

A paragraph for Each Discussion should be ok. All Details and Questions asked should be covered.