Is the company privately or publicly owned?

  1. The company name is QuEST Global.
  2. Use the company you were given for your cover letter assignment
  3. Find at least 5 different sources of information to research your company.
  4. Explain briefly what you learned about the company. Remember some of these sources may contain favorable bias about the company.

    The following is a list of suggestions for things you may want to consider when researching a prospective employer. Some of the information is easy to obtain. Some of the more important information to help you make a good job decision is hard to find. These suggestions might also serve as the basis for questions you want to ask during the interview and particularly during a company visit – some things you shouldn’t ask directly but you can get a feel for what’s going on by being observant of the work environments you visit.
  • Is the company privately or publicly owned?
  • Get an overview feel for the company history – how did they get to where they are today?
  • Is the company part of a larger parent organization – how do they fit in the company structure?
  • Where are the company offices, plants and if appropriate, major stores? 
  • How big is the company – how many employees work at the various major locations?
  • Does the company have any international connections?
  • What are the primary products and services – anything unique that sets them apart?
  • Any business practices or ethics issues that might make you uncomfortable?
  • Look for current news articles about the company.
  • Look at the trade journals for this industry and see what’s being said about the company.
  • Salary information in your career field for the company, industry and geographic region.
  • Job descriptions and additional positions you may be considering.
  • Work environment – casual/formal, travel requirements, hours, stress, variety of assignments, etc.
  1. End with a paragraph on your opinion about this company – does it present a good employment opportunity for Engineering majors? Would you work there and why?
  2. Detail 5 important questions to ask this company during an interview?
  3. Cite all of your references and sources.
  4. The paper, including citations, should be no more than 2 single spaced pages – no cover page.

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