Is this the future of the profession?

This week you will continue working on your final project by submitting five additional slides to the Submission area. Last week, you selected one of the topics below and you prepared five slides. This week you will prepare five new slides to go along with the presentation. You are required to present a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation on this topic which you will continue to work on this week and present in full in Week 4.

Topics include:

  1. Job strategies for getting a paralegal position.
  2. Comparison of UPL laws around the U.S.
  3. Differences between NFPA and NALA.
  4. Compare confidentiality for psychiatrists/psychologists to confidentiality for lawyers and paralegals (check the Tarasof and Menendez brothers cases, respectfully).
  5. Paralegals accepting gifts from clients.
  6. History of the paralegal profession.
  7. Independent legal technicians.
  8. Pro bono/volunteer work for paralegals in your community.
  9. Law office technology.
  10. The law as seen in Hollywood: Analyze the law in three legal movies.
  11. Outsourcing legal work: Is this the future of the profession?

In Week 4 you will submit the project to the Discussion Area.

While preparing your paper and presentation, consider both legal and ethical aspects and conclude by offering your opinion on the subject. Be creative. You must do some research to back up your opinion. On a separate page, list your sources — these can include books, articles, videos, interviews and Internet resources. Use Bluebook citation format.

Name your document SUO_LGS1001_W3_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.