iscuss the policy implications of one racist one race neutral and one of the race specific theories of criminology discussed in class

Policy implications are the directions for criminal law and criminal justice practice that emerge from a theory of crime causation. Policy implications are a critical aspect of any criminological theory. Discuss the policy implications of one racist, one race-neutral, and one of the race-specific theories of criminology discussed in class. Be sure to capture how the policy implication of each theory exemplifies how the theory is classified due to its understanding of race.

Pure justice – no discrimination exists in system function.

Individualized racism discrimination – act carried out by particular people motivated by the bias of the person involved. {The harm is cause, what you did to another person }

Contextual racism- Discrimination occurs in particular instances or circumstances ( particular region, phases, crime, victim offender combinations.{ depending on or relating to the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea.

Institutional racism- policies or behaviors that are neutral on their face but result in biased or declinatory treatment against members of a certain group.

Institutional racism is a form of racism expressed in the practice of social and political institutions. It is reflected in disparities regarding wealth, income, criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power and education, among other factors.

Systemic racism-differential treatment pervades function of the significant majority of system phases.

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