jv assignment 1

Part 1

One of the biggest criticisms of state standardized tests is that they only use multiple-choice questions and test basic knowledge of a subject.

  • Select a subject and grade that you are interested in.
  • Propose two ways to assess higher order thinking of this subject that could be used in lieu of state tests and multiple-choice questions.

Part 2

Portfolio assessments are an obvious choice for subjects such as art, language arts, social studies, and capstone projects for student teachers.

  • Choose a subject that does not immediately lend itself to a portfolio assessment such as math, science, or a foreign language.
  • Write or find 2-3 objectives for this subject.

Part 3

  • the reasoning behind school “no-zero policies” is that schools do not want students who have otherwise performed well to be penalized for missed assignments. Their final grades would not be reflective of their actual work in the class. For example, a student who has a 90 average but gets a 0 on a major assignment would drop to a 45 average. Even if the student received all 100s for the rest of the grading period, that 0 would still pull their average down to below failing. If the student got a 50 instead of a 0, that only pulls the grade down to a 70, which is still passing, and there is a chance that the student can make up the difference to raise their grade back up.
    • A variation of this “no-zero” policy is where students are not penalized for missed work but instead must attend Saturday school or summer school to make up work.
    • Do you agree with these policies? Explain your reasoning in terms of grading and evaluating student achievement.

Part 4

Research the test results from the past year for a specific grade and subject in your school district. Post the link to the discussion forum.

  • Write a letter to parents explaining how to read the test scores and what they mean.
  • Also explain how they will be used by you in your class.
  • Will you use them to improve instruction? Lobby your school district for more funding? Implement programs to help struggling students? Etc.

Part 5

the Advanced Placement tests (AP tests) are fiercely debated, with some prestigious private schools opting out of offering AP classes all together. Some schools will offer AP tests but not AP classes, claiming that their students do just fine on the AP tests without teaching the exact AP curriculum.

  • Is the AP system an adequate program to prepare students for college?
  • Explain your reasoning in terms of test preparation, accessibility to AP classes and taking the tests, and opportunities that AP credits provide.

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