Key characteristics for planktonic organisms.

1) You need to attended two shows, they shows are only 15 minutes long. For each show seen you need to write a paragraph summarizing the shows you saw.

2) Key characteristics for planktonic organisms.

3) Key characteristics for nektonic organisms.

4) Key characteristics for observed invertebrate organisms..

5) Key characteristics for observed vertebrate organisms.

6) Complete taxonomy for 6 invertebrate pelagic organisms.

7) Complete taxonomy for 6 vertebrate pelagic organisms.

8) Visit one of the touch tanks. Write about what organisms you saw and what the experience was like touching these organisms.

9) Does the aquarium have any Aves? If so, which ones did they have?

10) Summary of exhibits visited (do not just list them, describe them), diversity of organisms observed, scope of the diversityobserved at the aquarium, as well as any information about souvenirs purchased/sampled during your trip.