kitchen remodeling

I have completed phase1 and need to proceed phase2

Project Phase 2: Some of your network diagrams will probably be too long and tedious to create by hand and to display properly in a Word document. If you submit the diagram using MS Project (properly documented), that will be accepted. You may also draw it as discussed in the course; showing ES, EF, LS, LF (good practice for the final exam).

Please show the network diagram using either level 2 or level 3 (less than 20 nodes on a page). In real projects, you will have to go down to the work package level, but for the course, you can show less.

Please note that the project plan should be approximately 25-30 pages. However, if you go over or under I won’t be deducting marks. I just wanted to give you a guideline.

When submitting your project plans, please indicate member contributions (%) on the title page of your report, if they are not equal. Please see the project requirements ‘grading’ section for more details. Make sure everyone agrees with the contribution allocation.