ld004 recruiting developing and retaining staff


Access the following to complete this Assessment:

This assessment has four-parts. Click each of the items below to complete this assessment.

Part I: Staffing Analysis (3–5 pages)

Based on the information you gained from your visit, analyze the staffing needs of the setting. Then, to complete Part 1 of this Assessment:

  1. Write a description, of the early childhood setting visited, that includes a profile of the children and families served in the program and a description of the current staffing arrangement in this setting.
  2. Analyze the staffing arrangement to determine the staffing needs of the center. Explain how well the staff represents the diversity of the community, the degree to which roles and responsibilities are appropriately matched to individual employees, and staffing challenges (e.g., funding, finding qualified individuals, eliminating unneeded positions, etc.).
  3. Provide recommendations for at least two separate positions that could be filled, revised, created, or eliminated to improve the staffing configuration, including a rationale for each.

Part II: Job Descriptions (1 page per job description)

Based on the staffing needs you identified in Part 1, develop job descriptions for at least two positions that are relevant to this setting. Use the “Job Description Sample” template provided to complete Part 2 of this Assessment. Your job descriptions must include the following:

  • Title of the position
  • Related reporting/teaming structure
  • Brief description of the organization
  • Overview of the position’s roles and responsibilities
  • Overview of minimal qualifications of the ideal candidate

Part III: Recruitment Plans and Interview Questions (2–3 pages)

Successful recruitment requires strategic decisions regarding where to post the job descriptions. Consider various options for posting the job descriptions you created in Part 2. Then, to complete Part 3 of this Assessment:

  • Provide at least three locations where you will advertise each position, including a rationale for each.
  • Describe at least three strategies you will use to attract qualified and diverse candidates, including a rationale for each.

Based on the context of the early childhood setting you visited and the two positions you identified, develop interview questions for each position. Complete the following:

  • Formulate at least five interview questions that will be asked of the candidates. Include at least one scenario-based question that requires candidates to respond to an authentic work-related situation.

Part IV: Professional Development and Employee Support Activities

Once employees are hired, your efforts to help them assimilate into the culture of the organization, evaluate their performance, and support their professional development. Practices and policies that foster a positive, respectful, and engaging work environment will help ensure job satisfaction, build capacity, and ensure retention.

Create an overview of staff development and support activities, including the following, to complete Part 4 of this Assessment:

  1. Provide descriptions of at least two strategies that will be used to assimilate new staff, including a rationale for each.
  2. Write an overview of the process that will be used to evaluate performance of employees.
  3. Describe at least three strategies to be used on an ongoing basis to develop, support, and motivate new staff, including a rationale for each.
  4. Provide descriptions of at least three specific strategies that can be implemented on an ongoing basis to support a positive and productive work climate, including a rationale for each.