leadership homework 1

please answer in TWO separate word documents. Each homework should be 2 or 3 pages long. APA format required.

Homework 1

You are expected to choose an activity in which you are involved— anything that includes a group of people who collaborate to achieve common goals and ideas. This can be at work, on a team, in a group, class, a place of worship, or in a volunteer capacity. A successful written submission will detail the following:

Who is the leader? Who are the followers? Describe the interactions between the followers and the leader. Describe the tasks you participate in, and then identify the traits and behaviors of the leader. Do they match the situation? What kind of leader would be best for the situation? Is a leader even necessary? Why or why not?

Homework 2 – Ethical decision making

Identify a decision that you view as unethical. Could be in any business sector or personal life as well.

Explain why you think this decision is unethical. Do you think any of the following biases negatively influenced this decision-making process? If so, which ones? (CHOOSE AT LEAST ONE BIAS FROM BELOW)

• Confirmation • Availability • Representativeness • Adjustment • Escalation of commitment • Framing

Review the mental models presented in this blog from Farnam Street “Mental Models: The best way to make intelligent decisions.” Choose ONE or MORE of the models that you find appropriate to address/improve the unethical decision you select to write about.

Link to blog from Farnam Street “Mental Models: The best way to make intelligent decisions”: https://fs.blog/mental-models/