legislation and the evolution and development of higher education wk3 edu 7100

Week 3 – Assignment

Legislation And The Evolution And Development Of Higher Education

[WLOs: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] [CLOs: 1, 2, 6]

For this assignment, you will identify one of the milestone pieces of legislation examined in this unit. You will then write a five to seven page paper which will:

  1. Describe the socioeconomic factors which led to the legislation.
  2. Analyze the impact of the legislation on higher education in terms of enrollment, access, diversity, etc.
  3. Analyze the impact that this legislation has had on society (e.g., workforce development, societal change).
  4. Identify current or proposed legislation which may impact contemporary higher education.

Your paper must follow APA (7th ed.) standards, and utilize at least two additional scholarly sources not used this week.


Cohen, A.M. & Kisker, C.B. (2010). The shaping of American higher education: Emergence and growth of the secondary system (2nd ed). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

  • Chapter 3: University Transformation as the Nation Industrializes, 1870-1944, pp. 115; 118-122.
  • Chapter 4: Mass Higher Education in the Era of American Hegemony, 1945-1975, pp. 194-195; 262.
  • Chapter 6: Privatization, Corporatization, and Accountability in the Contemporary Era, 1994-2009, p. 439.


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Web Pages

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Recommended Resources


American Enterprise Institute. (2009). Increasing accountability in higher education (Links to an external site.) [Video]. YouTube.

Colorado State University. (2012, June 29). Morrill Land Grant Act: 150 years and still moving forward (Links to an external site.) [Video]. YouTube.

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