literary analysis essay about book i kill giants

Write a literary analysis essay (6 paragraphs, approx. 750-1000 words) on one of the following topics. The book name is I Kill Giants. You do not need a counter argument paragraph for this essay, but you do need a minimum of 4 body paragraphs, and a minimum of 5 quote sandwiches (the only count if they are in your body paragraphs).

Essay Topics

1. The Hero Archetype

  • Discuss whether or not Barbara is a hero. Does she fit the characteristics of a hero? Why or why not? Your essay should take a stance on this topic supported by quotes and analysis from the book.
  • Suggestions: You may want to look up Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey for more information on heroes.

2. Friendship

  • Discuss the power of friendship (and/or family) when things get tough. Specifically, analyze at Barbara’s relationship with Sophia.
  • Your essay should take a stance on this topic supported by quotes and analysis from the book.

You need a works cited page and in-text citations for this essay!

Essay Requirement:

  • An introduction that has: an attention grabber, background, and ends with a thesis.
  • Thesis: Topic + comment model (You will be graded down if you write a list thesis or use “I think” or “I believe.” You will receive an “F” on the rubric for doing so.)
  • Third person. No first person or “I,” or use it rarely.
  • Body paragraphs that follow the PIE paragraph model (4 body paragraphs)
  • A minimum of 6 paragraphs total (including your introduction and conclusion)
  • A minimum of 5 quote sandwiches from the book total (paraphrases do not count; must be direct quotes with citations).
  • No outside sources. All quotes should be from the book because this essay is an analysis of the book.
  • Transitions with your topic sentences that are clear, provocative, and develop your thesis and provide unity in your essay!
  • Analyze your quotes instead of summarizing them!
  • Strong sentences that are both grammatically correct and sophisticated. Use appositives!
  • A conclusion that wraps up your ideas but also pushes further.
  • Follow Visual Formatting for Essays
  • Use proper MLA in-text citations and Works Cited entries.
  • Size 12 Times New Roman/Arial/Palatino Font
  • All drafts must be typed and double-spaced.
  • A title that is not GENERIC