Look for a movie that you enjoy that meets these requirements

Look for a movie that you enjoy that meets these requirements:

  1. A large amount of interpersonal communication that takes place between the characters.
  2. A scene where the communication between characters allows for you to analyze the verbal and nonverbal communication between characters. 
  3. A scene where different cultures (race, age group, nationality, etc.) affect the communication between the characters. 
  4. A scene where two characters are having a deeply emotional conversation (anger, sadness, fear, etc.).

It is important that you enjoy this movie because you will be writing about it a lot!

The Project:

Write a 1-page paper that includes the following:

  1. The title of the movie
  2. A brief description of the movie
  3. A list of the main characters 
  4. A detailed description of the relationships and cultures in the movie

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