media law presentation

Case: New York Times Co. v. Sullivan (1964)

The Group Assignment

Each group of 4-6 students will present a summary of the case assigned to it. Your group

is teaching this case to the class. The minimum time of the presentation will be 20 minutes, and

the maximum time will be 25 minutes, thereby leaving a minimum of 5 minutes additional for

class questions. The time will be strictly monitored. Each group member will speak for a

minimum of 3 minutes. Obviously, this means that some group members will speak for more

than 3 minutes.

And my part of this presentation is:

Events leading up to the incident/behavior in question; in other words, set it up for the

audience; use photos as well as text.

I need a speech draft around 3:30 minutes,about 500 words. And this speech raft should have an outline.