module 2 assignment summary of the article strengths spinach and kryptonite and module 2 your five strengths

Module 2 assignment: Summary of the article “Strengths, Spinach, and Kryptonite

Write a 1 page summary on the article “Strengths, Spinach and Kryptonite”

Note: the file has been uploaded.

Module 2 your five strengths.

Write one paragraph for each of your five identified strengths. For example, if one of your strengths is discipline, then write 1 paragraph and explain and give examples how you use this strength in your life. Continue to write 1 paragraph for the 4 remaining strengths.

Note: My five strengths are Deliberative, Focus,Discipline,Command, and Responsibility.

I feel Focus, Discipline, and Responsibility is true that me but not the rest.

I combined those two assignment together but I would like to have their answer separately.

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