mu1110 concert report

In accordance with the requirements of the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences for GE courses, a formal writing assignment is required, which for our course will be in the form of a concert report. The concert attended may be of any genre, and may be either a live or recorded event. Students are encouraged to seek out genres with which they are less familiar. The focal-point of the event must be listeningto the music, i.e. not background entertainment at a pub or restaurant.

The concert report could include the following elements:

● Genre; what style was heard?

● Instrumentation; which instruments were used?

● Did different instruments play simultaneously or separately?

● Describe tempo, dynamics, and overall mood

● Personal reactions to the music (positive or negative, and why)

● Biographical information on one (1) composer from the program (please only list

elements relevant to a musical career, such as education, concertizing, compositions, etc.)

The report must be typed in a standard font (such as Times New Roman), font size 12 or smaller, with all margins one inch or smaller. It must be double-spaced, and 4-6 pages in length (not including title page, and a bibliography is not required).

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