music paper 16

Word count total 350 words.

Reading link:…

The reading for HW #4 comes from Herbie Hancock’s autobiography, Possibilities, published by Penguin Books, 2014.

The reading begins with some of Herbie’s reflections on his band, “Mwandishi,” which released several albums in the late 60’s and early 70’s before he disbanded it to form the Head Hunters. Throughout the reading, Hancock discusses his practice of Buddhism as well as the various influences and factors that led to the formation and success of his jazz-funk band, the Head Hunters.

Two questions.

Question 1:

In no more than a few paragraphs, describe at least three factors, influences, or events that led to the creation – or the sound/spirit – of Herbie Hancock’s band, the “Head Hunters.” You must support your answer with examples from the reading.

Question 2:

In no more than a few paragraphs – why were the Head Hunters so successful? What was different about them that seemed to make them popular? Support your answer with examples from the reading.

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