need help in glbl entrep poster using powerpoint slide

Based on the country enterprise report attached below, I need you to make a poster in powerpoint slide (you need to customize the slide size to A2: width is 24 inches and height is 16.5 inches) that covers the outline of the paper except for conclusion. Add graphs and charts. Use bullet points.

This is the outline of the paper:

  1. Executive Summary (which you write at the very end)
  2. Introduction to the country (e.g. location, size, population, GDP, unemployment, …)
  3. Description of nation’s NIS OR analyzing the nation’s competitiveness by using
    Porter’s Diamond
  4. Definition of SMEs
  1. Stock profile (SMEs – large enterprises)
  2. Entrepreneurial Activates
    • People attitude towards entrepreneurship
    • New venture per year (maybe also exits per year)
    • Their contribution to job creation, GDP (if available)
    • Government’s role in supporting entrepreneurial activities
  3. Conclusion (maybe addressing the main challenges) AND your recommendations what the government should do (to address these challenges)

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