need help with group project

Unless anyone has any objections, lets focus on the Bingham Canyon Mine, located near Salt Lake City, Utah which is the worlds largest surface mine. Our writing will be addressed to the local government.

Since nobody has yet to chime in on which topic they would like to take, I have assigned each one of us to a topic. If you have an issues with your topic, please reach out. Plan to have your slides submitted here by EOD Saturday 3/7. This will allow everyone time to make adjustments and check grammar before submitting the assignment on Monday 3/9. I encourage everyone to include your own 2 or 3 resources to back up your topics. Please remember to include a bibliography, speaker notes & double check grammar. Our word limit is 350-700 words, so keep it short but informative. We only need to make a minimum of 3 slides each in order to create a successful presentation.

(TOPIC 4) –

  • Conclude with an explanation of whether your chosen proposed surface mine is economically feasible and environmentally viable.

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