now i need someone who know about hist 1102 history of western modern times i have quiz it is online

  • Five true/false questions based on the terms listed below.
  • Five multiple-choice questions based on the terms listed below.
  • Two identification terms from the list below. You must define the term and explain why it is historically significant.
  • Two essays based on the questions listed below.

You will have one hour to complete the exam. It must be completed in one attempt. The test is open book and open note.



Columbian Exchange


Peasant’s Revolt (1524-1525)

Counter Reformation / Catholic Reformation

Constitutional Monarchy

Bill of Rights (English)

Triangular trade

Transatlantic slave trade

Anthony Johnson (colonial Virginia)

The terrible transformation (of slavery in Virginia)

Olaudah Equiano

Copernican Revolution


Sir Isaac Newtown

Malleus Maleficarum

The Enlightenment

Essay Questions: Two of the following questions will appear on the test.

  • What were the reasons for the development of overseas expansion in the late fifteenth century? What was the impact of overseas expansion for Portugal and Spain?
  • Compare and contrast the tenets of the Protestant and Catholic faith.
  • Describe the impact of the Protestant Reformation.
  • Define Absolutism. How does an Absolutist ruler maintain power? (Use Louis XIV as an example.)
  • Define the Scientific Revolution. What were the outcomes / consequences of the Scientific Revolution?
  • What was the definition of a witch in Early Modern Europe? What were typically the characteristics of a person accused of witchcraft? Why were women considered more likely to be witches?

i know the answer for the essay questions but i want to make sure