paper about jfk library

First, develop a 3 to 6 page, typed, double- spaced descriptive analysis of the exterior from as many sides as are accessible given weather and then the interior lobby space of the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum designed by architect I.M. Pei located on Harbor Point in Dorchester.

Using the handout “The Systematic Analysis of a Work of Art” analyze the exterior of the building from all sides or points of view, front, sides, back, etc. Focus your attention on the location of the building. Describe how well the building does or does not fit into its site. Consider the function of the space while illustrating the overall size, scale proportions, traffic, organization of shapes, light, color, textures, visual rhythms in detail. Describe in detail the experience of walking around the building?How does the experience change because of the time of day or the weather?Enter into the lobby space and look into the glass pavilion space. How does the experience of interior verses exterior change your perception of the building?Relevant to the Blackboard readings we have explored in class, are there any symbolic or iconographic components to the building?If so, what are they and describe the reasons you interpret them this way.Specify the visual evidence to support your assertions. What is communicated to the audience? How? What kinds of classical features are employed in the building? How have these elements been modified of changed by the architect?

You are not to do any research about the life of the architects or the buildings. Rather it is a test of your visual acuity designed to determine how well you are assimilating the language we are developing in class. Please record your observations in the 3rd person, therefore the words, I, ME, MY or MINE should not appear anywhere in the text of your paper.

Emphasis is placed on your writing skills so please consider presentation as an important part of your grade. Proofread your work carefully for spelling and grammar before submitting a final draft.

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