paul 680 pre class assignment module 2 scrum and organizational impact

You have 2 parts of this assignment that is due by Noon Friday, March 13 (yes, that is a Friday). It is a short assignment and must be completed BEFORE BREAK BEGINS ON FRIDAY!

1) View this video about SCRUM (your class work when return will be based on this video)

Scrum in a Nutshell

SCRUM in a nutshell (Links to an external site.)SCRUM in a nutshell

2) Read the following article (link below to Do you have the courage to become agile) and submit 2 paragraphs on your thoughts of the author, Jan Bruce’s premise of where change needs to take place first.

(Please note, I am not asking for a summary of this article, I have read is several times, I am asking for YOUR THOUGHTS on her premise about where agile change needs to take place first. You must share your perspective to get credit for this assignment)

Do you have the courage to become agile?

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