Pick 2-4 newspaper articles about a single environmental or disease issue whose topic ideally matches the week you signed up for.

Directions for the newspaper response paper

1. Pick 2-4 newspaper articles about a single environmental or disease issue whose topic ideally matches the week you signed up for.

2. The article must be from high-end newspapers or magazines. For example, the New York TimesWashington PostLA Times, BBC, Guardian (a UK newspaper), Economist, etc. It is acceptable to use Chinese newspapers (and it can be fun to compare what they say about an issue to what the outside international community says). To look at Chinese or international newspapers, either find their English webpage, or go to the library webpage. Sign in, go to Quick links and click on “Databases & E-reference,” type in “nexis uni” in Search by Title, click on that and look your topic up on world newspapers. (Note that this is a helpful resource for your research papers too.)

3. Make sure to analyze the articles. Do not just repeat what is in them. Instead use the collection of articles to explore in detail one of the week’s issues. Try to connect what you learn back to wider discussions in class. If you are looking at the situation in another country, compare/contrast that country’s situation to China’s.

4. Your response should be two full pages, double space, 12 pt, with 1 inch margins.

5. Include: a title (that doesn’t take up too much space), a complete bibliography of all sources as pg. 3, and a hard copy of all articles.

6. Hand in the assignment twice: as a hardcopy (with articles) and uploaded to D2L (without newspaper articles).

7. Be prepared to make a couple minute presentation about your newspapers articles to the class. Newspaper presentations will always be at the start of class. This presentation is casual and does not need to be written down. Be prepared to answer questions the class may have about your articles/topic.

8. Suggestions for newspaper selection that will help give a direction to your analysis:

· Articles that explore different aspects of the same problem

· Articles that explore the same environmental or health event over time

· Articles about the same problem in different places in China (for example rural vs. urban; minority vs. Han area)

· Articles that compare the same problem in China and in another country

· Articles that compare representations of the same problem in a Chinese newspaper and a US newspaper (or some other country)

· Articles that compare representations of the same problem in China that are from a US conservative and US liberal newspaper

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