please update and rewrite your professional objective and upload it here.


Using all the information we have discussed in class so far, please update and rewrite your professional objective and upload it here.  You may now have a few more details you wish to include.  Also, please select a position you are interested in from any source and upload a copy of the position posting( Search about Quality Assurance Position ).

Check the file attached to see the information that you need to update. 

Professional Objective

I am senior student at University of Dayton, my major is Industrial engineering. I am graduating in this summer 2019, so it is important to think about what you are going to be after graduation. My present work desire is in quality insurance felid especially when someone has an experience to advise you to be in that felid. My brother is working now in manufacturing company, he is a member of quality team. I like when he talks about the duties that he and the team are assigned for complete each day, that is the work desire come from.

I have a command on modern designing software’s such as solid works as well MS project. I can also perform cost analysis and speak different language. I think that my unique skills and talent will have the critical role regrading my future goals and accomplishments. I will use my skills to design projects and provide solution to complex problems. I will also act a negotiator between work cultures where language become the main barrier for work performance. I am a fast leader. The number of design projects justify that my determination for growth and improvement.

My plan to accomplish my goals is to improve the abilities or skills that I am already known to get the desirable job. An ideal work place for my qualities as well as skills would be a multinational organization where innovation and creativity are empowered for development. I think that this workplace would perfectly suit my qualifications as well expertise. Not only I will be able to design new projects, but it will allow me to exhibit all the skills which I have learned from my university as well education period. An ideal workplace would be an organization where a new challenge is subjected to people regarding growth and improvement.