Please watch videos and read articles in below text!!

 Please watch videos and read articles in below text!!

  • Module Assessment Summary
  • Complete Journal entry 2 (see below). Students will keep the journal until it is due in Module 10.
  • Complete Discussion Board 2 (Select “Discussion Board on your left).
  • Module AssessmentJournal Assignment # 2

    Use Chapters 1 and 2 and several of the sources in this module to complete the following: Choose an unsolved problem (or problems) from YOUR life that is important to you. Discuss how some of the ideas in this module can be applied to solving your problem(s). This is a useful exercise since it might help you come closer to solving this problem. Try to incorporate some of the tips from the “16 Tips” article below into your journal writing.

    • Type the Journal in a Word document and save it all semester until you have completed the 10 assignments.
    • Student writing is expected to be coherent, grammatically correct, and mechanically-sound.  Points will be deducted for poor writing. 
    • All journal entries should be a minimum of 300 words in essay form.
  • Readings, Films, and VideosFor this module you will need to read the following chapters from the text Becoming A Strategic Thinker.

    Text: Chapter 2

    Videos: Watch all of the videos listed below.

    Articles: Read any articles listed below.
  • Video – How Logical Are YOU?URL:
  • Video – Inductive & Deductive ReasoningURL:
  • Article – 16 Practical Tips for Solving ProblemsURL:
  • Video – Ethics and Critical ThinkingURL:
  • Video – Can Science Answer Moral Questions?URL:
  • Article – 19 Ways to Lead a More Ethical LifeURL:
  • Video – Critical Thinking ExplainedURL:
  • Video – The Moral Roots of Liberals and ConservativesURL:
  • Article – Practical Logic and Decision Making in Real LifeURL: