please write paper crm 350 criminal justice ethics 1

Topic: Law Enforcement Practices

Each student will select a topic and develop a research paper relating to Criminal Justice Ethics as discussed in the class, textbook and or from independent research. It is recommended that you get started early on this project. No more than 25% of the paper can be attributed to references or properly cited sources. The paper should include at least 5 cited references minimum of 1750 words, no more than 1850.

Written Assignments and the APA Format: The Department of Criminal Justice recognizes the value of excellence in writing for students in Criminal Justice. In part, each professor is expected to provide guidance on improving a student’s writing skills. Students are required to use only the APA (American Psychological Association) format to write and develop a scholarly paper for submission in the Social Sciences. APA has been adopted by the Department as its writing standard for all academic written assignments. No other writing style is acceptable.
APA is the American Psychological Association, and the style is one of many in the academic world used to regulate the language, citations, procedure, and formatting of manuscripts and other examples of writing in the social sciences. Please be consistent throughout each written paper. Refer to APA Guide under Resources on the Course Menu for APA specifics.
All projects, assignments, or papers submitted for grading will be required to include an abstract and reference page. All references are to be cited using the American Psychology Association (APA) format (6th edition). Other formats will not be accepted. For each scholarly paper and group assignment(s), the work will be assessed using an individual grading rubric for each assignment. This tool and process helps the students identify and professor measure the key points necessary to successfully complete written or group assignments. Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for any scholarly writing and is not permitted for any assignment in this program.

Each student will be required to submit a well researched scholarly paper. Scholarly sources must be presented to support the research. All sources must be properly cited with reference page. The paper will be prepared in a manner acceptable for college-level work; i.e., neatly typed, double-spaced with proper citations as required with APA formatting. The completed paper should be between five and seven pages, excluding references. The paper is required to address the core value of Integrity. NOTE: All papers must be in APA format. Deadline for paper submission will be assigned by the instructor. No extensions will be given.

NOTE: Any paper with plagiarized material will be forwarded to the Academic Standards committee for official sanctions. No paper shall contain more than 10% quotes. This is an opportunity to express your opinion on this much debated subject.