position essay stop being inactive climate change

Essay 3:

Arguing a Position in the CLASSICAL ARGUMENT

  • 1300-1500 words (plus an APA cover page and References page)
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced lines
  • 6 or more research sources used in-text and listed on References page
  • 3rd person point of view


Using 6 or more sources in APA format and demonstrating skillful use of the Classical Argument rhetorical structure shown in the HOW section, write an essay in which you argue one side of a controversial issue and discuss one counter-argument. Choose an issue about which you feel passionate!

(There is several sentences I have written for the previous brainstorming assignment:

It has no doubt that “Climate change” has become a global issue during the decade years. However, people always ignore the benefits of making an action instead of caring about the costs. They always don’t believe that the consequences would not be as bad as what scientists have predicted.

Being active right now may not only minimize the cost of climate change but also gain additional economic benefits. Research shows that the influence by the climate change can directly affect people’s health and the environment. Too much cost for global warming is not the only concern for people. The huge amount of environmental damage is the most urgent.)


Write a concession thesis statement. EX: A thesis will begin with the word although or despite to show a CONCESSION or COUNTER- ARGUMENT:
Example: “Although some politicians believe climate change does not exist, the scientific evidence proves the international community must cooperate and act now in order to prevent tremendous loss of life.”

Rhetorical Structure:

You can organize your essay as follows, and remember to include the subheadings below in your essay:

Classical Argument Rhetorical Structure

  • Introduction: Use facts, names, numbers, statistics and details to illustrate the issue about which you are arguing.
  • Thesis Statement: Close your introduction with your thesis statement.
  • History: Provide the history of the issue that closely connects with your thesis statement. This section is neutral in tone.
  • Reasons and Evidence: Write more reasons and evidence that support your thesis.
  • One Objection to Your Thesis (this is the concession in your concession thesis):
  • Respond to Objection: What would you say to your opponent to respond his or her objection?
  • Conclusion: Conclude your essay by discussing what is possible if your argument is accepted.


Revise the entire document several times to ensure you have conveyed your thoughts clearly, you have developed your paragraphs with details, facts, reasons, examples or evidence, and you have shown logical transitions from one paragraph to the next.


Print your essay and read it ALOUD to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

APA Citation:

This assignment requires research; the finished essay will need in-text citations and a References page. The assignment also requires a properly formatted APA cover page. The assignment does not require an abstract.

Academic Format, Citation and Integrity Resources:

Please view this link to learn how to format in-text citations or make a references page:


Please view this link to learn what plagiarism is and how to avoid it:



The assignment strengthens your ability to analyze a variety of texts designed for different audiences, subjects, and purposes in order to identify main ideas, supporting evidence, and conclusions. It also develops research skills and provides practice using form, organization, syntax, diction, style, and tone appropriate for your subject, purpose, and audience. Completing this assignment also helps you develop assessment, revision and editing skills.

REMEMBER: Chief Executive Officers consistently list writing skills as one of the top five most important skills required of their employees.

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