Prepare a 5-page report proposing a corporate flight department for the company executive.

Review the following details and also check the outline attached. Please complete the assignment according to outline  

Prepare a 5-page report proposing a corporate flight department for the company executive. The proposal should be professional and must include graphics and diagrams. The proposal may be either APA or in a professional business proposal format (maybe use a template from Microsoft Word or equivilant). Four references, including the textbook, are required and must be formatted in current APA format, regardless of paper formatting.

The company is a large engineering firm based in Lynchburg. The firm employs 400 workers, including sales and engineering staff. The sales staff averages thirty 2–3-day trips a year, with 3–5 employees on each trip. Most of the sales trips are within a 500-mile radius of Lynchburg.

The engineering staff is involved in site inspection and pop-up troubleshooting trips. The engineer trips range from a day to 3 weeks, within the same 500 mile radius. Usually 2 engineers go on these trips about twenty times a year. The company is currently spending $280,000 a year on travel expenses.

The report should include a description and justification for the following areas:

· Why would the company benefit from corporate aviation?

· Analyze current travel needs

· Anticipate future travel needs

· Offer a solution for the company

· Aircraft

· Characteristics that make that aircraft an ideal choice

· Acquisition cost of aircraft

· Operating costs of the aircraft

· Flight department operations

· How would operations be set up?

· How to handle maintenance?

· Contingency plans

Remember, all assertions require arguments. Do not just say the aircraft saves time and money. The company executive will want to know just how much time and how much money.






Corporate Aviation Proposal


Corporate Aviation is the utilization of planes by companies to transport individuals or merchandise for business purposes. The flying machines utilized in the business avionics are commonly inaccessible for people in general to employ them. The pilots of business flying machines must have a business pilot permit notwithstanding an instrument rating. Business avionics utilizes various kinds of planes extending from one motor flying machine, helicopters to greater planes for transnational flights. Every one of the pilots and flying machines are liable to the guidelines of FAA. It is a typical necessity for corporate planes to be fitted with altered comforts and offices to address the issues and prerequisites of the business administrators ready. Business aeronautics utilizes flying machines possessed by the organization, air-taxi tasks and time-share responsibility for. Time-share proprietorship is much of the time purchased through partnerships that offer plane and HR for business travel. This undertaking proposition is intended to effectively enlighten the enterprise on the advantages that it stands to accumulate through Corporate Aviation.


a. Past Travel Overview

The past movement needs of the organization included the procuring out of business flying machine, for example, helicopters to be utilized for private capacities. This was the predominant business close by the arrangement of some neighborhood contracted flights. The organization used to claim a few single-motor air ship and helicopters that it used to contract out for private purposes. The expense was determined on an hourly premise. The business used to make much salary from private businessmen who could contract out the planes for certain hours or even days as they went to achieve their private business bargains. Besides, the political class additionally given great business to the association before. The government officials could procure the planes for their private capacities and open crusades. Besides, the organization had its own work force for the sake of pilots and other plane specialists that they could give to the general population who had procured the business flying machine. It gets the job done to say that the past organization travel needs were at the neighborhood level and in the meantime they were on a little scale.

b. Expected Travel Needs

The normal travel needs incorporate the need internationals flights just as payload flights. This is basic for completely taking advantage of business flying. There is, hence, the requirement for the organization to secure various enormous planes through whichever lawful methods including credit buys. Moreover, the global travel planes should be fitted with the extraordinary offices and pleasantries to serve the necessities of the business officials. This is credited to the expanding interest for air travel as individuals are seeking after both business and private open doors abroad. The advantage of this incorporates the way that the income edge of the organization will immensely shoot up given the gigantic sums that the business will charge on the internationals flights and the order of the travelers, for example, those in the five star, business class and those in the economy area. These are the normal needs of the business, which are gone for extending the business (Cessna, 2015).


a. Aircraft Choice: Beechcraft 250 King Air

i. Specifications

This is the most favored turboprop everywhere throughout the globe. The plane is fitted with the forefront or most great touchscreen flight innovation. Another particular is that it offers adequate solace for the travelers ready. Notwithstanding all these, the airplane likewise has propelled payload to convey more travelers to numerous goals in such a solace, that has never been experienced anyplace. The professional Line Fusion flight deck joins the main complete touch screen flight exhibit the framework to the most confided in flying engineering in the globe. By expansion, the payload choice that is upgraded offers expanded adaptability regarding mission. These determinations are in accordance with the sort of extravagance that the advanced man would need while on board of any flight. It is one method for guaranteeing that we gain an upper hand as far as our client administration well beyond different players in the flying business (2014 Aviation Fact Book. 2014).

ii. How it will fit the needs of the company

The organization is anticipating working both neighborhood and global traveler flights and load. The details of the previously mentioned plane are perfect for guaranteeing that the business gives commendable client administration. This will have long haul benefits for the business, which will appreciate a wide client base subsequently expanded income. Furthermore, this sort of flying machine can convey freight implying that the business can charge additional for any payload conveyed or that which is ready. Most importantly the flight is fit for motivations behind offering business flight both locally and abroad with full arrangement of the considerable number of requirements of the business officials ready.

b. Aircraft Capital Cost

i. Start up costs

This is the underlying cost that the business will acquire on the procurement of the predetermined flying machine alone. The least expensive Beech make 250 King Air goes at $3,980,726 and the most costly at $5.8 million. The business will go for ten most costly to work the universal traveler flights and three least expensive ones to work the nearby or local traveler and freight flights.

ii. Cost to operate

1. A look five years down the line

The operational expenses of the flying machine will include filling and air ship support close by the costs that will be brought about on the team directly from the pilot to the next airline stewards. This is anyway assessed to be at around $ 10 million anticipated in the following five years. This is, be that as it may, going to be immaterial contrasted with the pay sums that the organization stands to profit as it works those flights both locally and abroad.


a. Structure of the Department

i. People required to operate

The Chief Operating Officer will head the division. This will be the individual responsible for all the flight tasks both locally and abroad. He will have the associate who will help in the supervision of the undertakings execution process. Under them is the flight upkeep group will be accused of the duty of guaranteeing that the flying machines are in great molded and adjusted. The flight administrators will envelop the pilots and the team that is regularly ready. These are the most focal groups that are going to partake in the flight tasks (Cannon & Richey, 2012).

ii. Operational flow

The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for every one of the procedures in the division. The flight support group tails the individual in question and after that the flight administrators. This is the request or rather a hierarchy of leadership. The human asset officer will be responsible for all the representative needs and necessities.

b. Cost of the department operating

i. Personnel costs

The faculty expenses of working the division are evaluated to remain at $ 5 million. This will incorporate the pay rates of the considerable number of individuals from staff close by different costs to be caused in the day by day activities of the office. The work force cost true to form to increment with time because of the foreseen increment in the quantity of staff as the business extends.

ii. Facilities costs

The all out expenses of the offices will be $ 100,000,000. This will involve the procurement of the airplanes and other hardware fundamental for the task of the business.

c. Compare current travel to proposed solutions

i. Previous costs

The past expenses were low since the air ship fuel and other gear important for the activities were not costly. Moreover, the work force was very few implying that the expenses were considerably low.

ii. Costs after adding department

In the wake of including the office, the expenses have generously gone up because of the extra staffs because of growing the business. The necessities of the office are additionally in charge of the expanded expenses since it will require unique fittings and hardware notwithstanding new staffs.

iii. Benefits of having the department

The office will collect various advantages to the association. The first is well-characterized obligations whereby explicit staffs will be accused of different jobs and all things considered they will be considered dependable. This is likewise connected to responsibility meaning no wastage of the assets of the association. The office will likewise give the business an expert look causing it to procure a decent notoriety in the aeronautics business (Controller.Com, 2016).


In synopsis, the proposition is a portrayal of the business development plan. It is, along these lines, significant that every one of the perspectives featured in the venture proposition be clung to keep away from additional consumptions. Moreover, departmentalization and presentation of new worldwide flights is the new component that requirements extensive consideration in the usage procedure. The advantages of the extension procedure exceed the cost that the business will acquire during the usage procedure.


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